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Blackboard Madness is not like your off-the-shelf math learning game, it really is FUN!

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Math practice doesn't have to be boring. Blackboard Madness – with its quick pace, varied problems, diverse levels and bonus rounds – makes working on your math skills fun and addictive.

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Practice makes perfect. Play Blackboard Madness a few minutes each day and you'll see how easy it is to improve your math skills. You can even collect badges and achievements! Track your performance on your statistics dashboard.

Blackboard Madness has fun achievements, but also a ranking system!

Be Challenged!

Think fast, react faster, but don't miss! Blackboard Madness doesn't just challenge your math knowledge, but also your reaction and coordination skills.

Blackboard Madness is not like your off-the-shelf learning game, it really is FUN!
"Score: 9.5/10 Amazing - Practicing math is now officially fun. High quality visuals and animations."-  Jullian Bizri from The Bizri
"This is a great test of mental maths skills, logic thinking and reaction. It's like Live Mathletics on speed [...] to make you feel like a martial arts maths black belt." -  Simon Jary from PC Advisor
"this is the most fun kids' app we've had the pleasure of testing in a long time! [...] it's enjoyable, very educational, and the increasing difficulty and variety of achievements give it tons of replay value. It's the ideal way to keep your math skills in shape[...]" -  Jamie BeNative from
Absolutely great App! ★★★★★
"I am not much of a review-writer but I feel the need to recommend this one! Its useful, its fun and it has a lot of features!! thumbs up"
- by  Tschulilikesmath
Awesome Game ★★★★★
"Challenges your mental agility in a fun way!"
- by  Phty111
Best Game Ever! ★★★★★
"Great math fun! I am addicted to it!!!"
- by  J.Albl
Fun game for math drilling ★★★★★
"I tutor elementary school students, many of whom need to practice their basic math skills and get faster at doing math in their heads. I've been looking for a while for a game that makes math drills more fun, and this game definitely does the trick. I look forward to recommending this to my students!"
- by  ladygracie82
Blackboard Madness is not like your off-the-shelf learning game, it really is FUN!


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Blackboard Madness is not like your off-the-shelf learning game, it really is FUN!